EDI Monitoring

Via EDI, business-critical processes are handled. It is therefore all the more important that the entire EDI system functions reliably. Monitoring the entire infrastructure is indispensable. We offer powerful and versatile solutions for monitoring your EDI infrastructure.

Our Extended Monitoring provides all the information you need to keep your infrastructure efficient and trouble-free – simple, reliable, cost-effective.

It can monitor directories or maintenance queues with input and output messages, communication modules and gateways, as well as processing status of processes and many other parameters.

The solution covers the complete spectrum of contemporary monitoring, from availability and system status monitoring, system status, processes, bandwidth monitoring, activity monitoring and monitoring of service level service level agreements (SLA).

Systematic EDI monitoring helps you to avoid failures, optimise processes and improve services.

EDI Archive

A solution for monitoring, administration and archiving of electronic messages – a universal extension of your EDI system.

The electronic EDI archive solves the problem of archiving electronic messages (e.g. invoices) for audits, tax offices, etc. in EDI compliance with the legislation and recommendations of the EU. The employees of the e-Signature department get an overview of the current status of the sent electronic messages. All messages related to the respective business process are automatically linked (ORDERS, EDI archive DESADV, INVOIC, COMDIS, APERAK, CONTRL) and presented in a clear format.

Digital signature

The digital signature for electronic messages can be compared to a handwritten signature for paper documents.

Signing EDI invoices guarantees

  • Integrity
  • authenticity and
  • non-repudiation of the origin


In the case of electronically signed messages, the integrity of the message can be verified.

By using a certificate issued by an authorised certification authority, it is possible to Authentication of the sender is possible

Non-repudiation of origin
An electronic signature allows the recipient of the message to prove that the sender sent the message.

Our offer
We offer solutions for digital signature and cryptography using all common encryption and HASH algorithms for all data formats such as PDF, EDIFACT or XML.

Are you looking for an e-invoice / e-billing solution? Contact us without any obligation. We have experience from various international projects in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland. We support you not only with the technical implementation, but also with the legislative also with the legislative aspects.

In combination with our EDI archive, you have a complete solution for your B2B business processes.