EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a system for the electronic exchange of data. It is an automated process that replaces the manual exchange of paper documents or documents by e-mail.

Do you want or need to introduce EDI with your business partners?
EDIPRIM has many years of experience in implementing various EDI systems.

We offer customised solutions exactly for your requirements, regardless of message format or communication protocol. No matter what software you have in use in your company, we can implement an EDI solution for your system. If you have a standard system such as SAP, NAVISION, MFG/Pro, P2+, proALPHA or a system developed in-house, we will implement the interface and make your system EDI-capable.

Depending on your wishes, we offer you an in-house system that you operate in your company or alternatively we operate the entire EDI system as an outsourcing solution.


  • EDI eliminates the need for data entry, so your staff can focus on more important tasks
  • Faster processing means you can get your products to customers faster
  • Improved precision, so you don’t have to worry about errors
  • More precise data means less time spent on processing errors
  • Increased efficiency so you can save time and money

With EDI, you can automate your internal processes, reduce manual errors, increase productivity, track orders and invoices, and much more

EDI will help you to optimise processes

With a streamlined process, you increase your competitiveness and work more efficiently with suppliers, customers and partners. You have access to a data warehouse that gives you the latest information on stock availability and lead times. You can also take advantage of better forecasting capabilities to optimise your supply chain.