Lobster DATA GmbH develops software solutions for smooth data management, for the control of supply chains, the company-wide provision of product information and efficient online shop systems for your eCommerce.

Our Know How
Lobster_data (DataWizard)

Lobster_data is the intuitive tool for EDI (Electronic Data Integration) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration). The data obtained by data conversion, data mapping or data manipulation is directly converted into a directly into the target system of your choice in six simple steps.

What was previously only possible by using several software products, Lobster_data combines in one overall solution that even covers data communication – and that WITHOUT PROGRAMMING.

Our services:

  • Profile development and maintenance – all standard formats and non-standard structured data
  • Connectivity – connection of interfaces for all ERP systems
  • Connection of proprietary systems and relational databases
  • Communication – all common communication protocols for direct communication and VAN
  • Connection of Lobster_data.portal to profiles
  • Use of Testcase Manager for migrations and version upgrades


SEEBURGER is a leading provider of Business-To-Business Integration solutions, products and EAI solutions for integrating processes with external business partners within the framework of collaborative commerce.

Our Know How
Business Integration Server

Seeburger Business Integration Server (BIS) is a holistic integration platform for the market development automation of inter nal as well as internal business processes. EDIPRIM has more than 15 years of experience with BIS and other Seeburger products.

Our services:

  • Mapping development and maintenance – all standard formats (EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, TRADACOM, XML, INHOUSE, IDOC, TXT, CSV, …) as well as any proprietary structured data structured data format.
  • Connectivity – development and maintenance of application-specific adapters and Search: connectors for various ERP systems such as SAP, Siebel, Baan, ORACLE, proAlpha, Geac, QAD, Navision, abas, XPPS, IFS etc. Proprietary systems as well as relational databases can be seamlessly connected.
  • Business logic – development of workflows, maintenance and adaptation of existing workflows
  • Communication – all common communication protocols for point-to-point communication (FTP, HTTP, eMail, OFTP, …) and value added networks (X.400, P7, AT&T, IBM, GE, Telebox, …)
  • Implementation of BIS:explore
  • Implementation BIS:EPX
  • Implementation WinELKE
  • Implementation WinVERA


With OS4X from c-works GmbH you are optimally equipped for OFTP communication, whether it concerns the exchange of “classic” EDI messages or ENGDAT and ENGPAR. In addition to OFTP1.x and OFTP2, other protocols are also supported (FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV, …). Thus OS4X supports all common industry standards and enables a tight integration into your IT environment.

OS4X is extremely flexible and expandable. The plug-in concept allows you to develop your own plug-ins. Thus, OS4X can be adapted exactly to your requirements and a solution in the field of OFTP data exchange can be realised that is tailored exactly to your needs.

OS4X is more than cost-efficient. Due to the different product versions you only get and pay for what you need:

  • OS4X 2 Core – the basis for OFTP transfer and all basic OFTP transactions.
  • OS4X Enterprise Lite – a system for managing OFTP jobs, ENGDAT, file processing, etc.
  • OS4X Enterprise – full functionality with the possibility to develop own plug-ins.
  • OS4XBox – a hardware appliance with fully pre-installed OS4X software. This appliance is an “all-in-one” solution and can be integrated into any IT infrastructure.


Contact us without obligation if you are interested. As a sales and implementation partner of c-works GmbH, we will help you with the selection of the appropriate version and the integration of OS4X into your environment.